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Cigarette speaking

February 22, 2020

Hey, I am a cigarette. Let me introduce myself to you. I am mostly white and I look like a stick, but small in size. I am made up of tobacco. Most of the time, you can find me in people’s mouths; they are called smokers. They burn me from one end and keep inhaling (from the other end) the smoke I produce while I am burning from inside.


I never speak anything when I am in the hands of a smoker, but today, I will share my dark side. I am evil and I will always be evil to smokers. I hate them because they burn me.

Some smokers inhale my smoke to get some relief from stress. Which, biologically is correct, and I do that by feeding nicotine to them.4 Some also inhale my smoke to gain focus, but… most of them burn me to look cool in society. I don’t know why, but when they are smoking me they feel like they are some kind of a superstar or a hero; they feel like every non-smoker around them is insignificant. To be honest, that makes me laugh because the reality is somewhat different.

The funny thing is, those poor smokers are unaware of what I am doing to them in return. To put it in one line, I ruin their life one puff at a time and I enjoy it (after all it’s a revenge for burning me to death).


I feed smokers a good amount of harmful chemicals while I am burning. Here are “some” of my harmful chemicals,

Carcinogens: Benzene, Formaldehyde, Vinyl chloride, AND MORE.1

A carcinogen is defined as any substance that can cause or aggravate cancer.1

Toxic Metals: Arsenic, Cadmium, AND MORE.1

Heavy metal toxicity can lower energy levels and damage the functioning of the brain, lungs, kidney, liver, blood composition and other important organs.2

Poisons: Ammonia, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen cyanide, AND MORE.1

Poison is defined as any substance that, when introduced to a living organism, causes severe physical distress or death.1

Enough of chemistry

Let’s come to life. I also cause premature death in smokers, by snatching at least 10 years of their life.3 And, that is so cool; it’s like bonus revenge for me.

Tell you what, I feel bad when those smokers are surrounded by their friends or acquaintances. I hate them too because even they watch me burn. Here is where the smoke produced by smokers come in handy for me. The non-smokers surrounding smokers inhale secondhand smoke (also called passive smoking) and luckily, secondhand smoke is known to contain at least 250 poisonous chemicals and 70 cancer-causing chemicals.1 It’s like killing two birds with one stone; I am so efficient.

Why quit me?

A lot of smokers are worried about me. I will surely put them to death one day, but then I think I should be appreciated for that. Why? - I am helping the world by controlling the population by killing smokers and also some passive smokers. Yes, if a smoker quits me before the age of 40, then it would reduce their risk of dying from smoking-related disease by about 90%.3 But, since I help the world in population control, I don’t think smokers should quit me.

I take pride when smokers with great ambitions in their life die because of me. It truly makes me feel good about myself when I think of the feeling of regret those ambitious smokers have to go through. After all, I call them to their deathbed quite early in their life, that is, before even they chase their wonderful dreams or before even they enjoy every possible aspect of their life.


I feel even more successful when a smoker with family dies due to me because their family has to badly suffer the loss. I don’t think that I am doing anything wrong, well, if smokers are going to burn me, then I will try my best to make their life horrible even after they die.

The following video covers the way I affect a smoker’s body. In the latter part of the video, it also talks about how quitting me would help a smoker regain their health. But, if you are a smoker, I don’t think you should focus on quitting me, you should rather let me kill you miserably, steadily, one puff at a time.

Have a great time smoking!


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