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Digital Art - Li Ziqi

October 05, 2020

I really adore Li Ziqi. I love watching her videos, they are very peaceful and calming. I also end up watching her videos when I am stressed out, they help me relax. I also like the fact that she does a lot of tough tasks by herself, which includes; farming, building things from bamboo, climbing on the tree, making clothes, cooking, and the list goes on.

In my humble opinion, she is brilliant, artistic, and a great video producer at the same time. I just made a digital painting of her using my graphic tablet, and want to share it here as a tribute to her.

Li Ziqi

Well, you might want to click on it to view it more clearly (I have to mention this cause I am not that good at digital art). And yes, here is the video I got that picture from (somewhere around 8:00).

Have a wonderful day!

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