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I am not looking back again

July 06, 2019

I am not exactly a Mumbaikar, but I call myself one. I don’t know why, but I feel good when I think about living a Mumbaikar life. Too much crowd, but everyone adjusts themselves and move on. The weather becomes hot in summer, but dreaming about monsoons helps the irritation go away. Overcrowded trains, but watching daily commuters socializing with each other puts a little smile on the face. Seems like I am very much attached to Mumbai, or maybe I am just missing Mumbai.

Shifting to Bangalore was never my priority, but I had to take this tough call for a company I am working for currently. I like Bangalore’s weather, it’s cool - like literally cool, but everything else is a little struggle for me. Talking to local people here in Bangalore is more like a telepathy session for me, I don’t understand their native language and they don’t mine (obviously). I observe their hand motions and try my best to figure out what they are saying, luckily few people speak in English (some use just nouns) and that helps me to get a better sense of what they are talking about. It’s fun, rather than irritating. I thoroughly enjoy the guessing game.

I was very skeptical while taking this decision since I was attached to my home town, my family, and my friends. Looking back when I was in college, my friends used to invite me for vacations outside Mumbai, and I always ignored them because I was worried and scared to go far. Well, I didn’t want to step out of my comfort zone back then. After spending a week in Bangalore, I feel I took the right decision. Because now, I am confident enough to roam anywhere in India by myself. It seems this is how we are made to become stronger and more mature, by actually going through new experiences.

At the airport

I remember the moment when I was in the queue to enter the airport and my mother had tears in her eyes. And, it was very… heartbreaking. I wanted to go near her for some time, but I couldn’t. Maybe I wanted to portray myself as a strong personality or maybe I was weak enough to handle such a situation. Later, I decided to have one glance at her and to not look back again. For some reason, not looking back at my family gave me some kind of emotional support, I don’t know why. I wonder, is this why some people recommend saying goodbye not with tears, but with a smile. On the other side, I think it’s hard to empathize with our parents - all we see is our goals and new opportunities, all they see is us and our better future.

First ever flight

Oh my goodness, my first flight experience was superb. My respect for engineers and engineering raised way above the sky level (see what I did there?). People are amazing, I wonder what other big things we can achieve with that tiny little thought to try something new.

first flight

Have a great day!

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